The New Issue: WWR39

Ryerson University’s English department is preparing for the fall launch of the 39th issue of the White Wall Review. The literary journal showcases the poetry, prose, and short fiction of the Ryerson community, as well as acclaimed national and international artists in its annual publication.

The editors seek out poets and writers who expand the boundaries of form and explore contemporary issues. WWR 39 engages conversations about race, technology, social justice, and gender, with homages and acknowledgments of artists such as Paul Celan, Ray Charles, Joanne Kyger, Frank O’Hara, Agnes Martin, and James Schuyler. The new issue features works by Nathaniel Mackey, a critically acclaimed American poet, and returning authors such as Michael Cavuto and Hamish Ballantyne of Sex Panic!. Additionally, this year’s issue will feature poetry by fourth-year Ryerson English student Cameron MacDonald.

“The editorial team invested a lot of time into establishing the flow from one poem to the next, and considering how the themes between various pieces worked with one another,” explains Monika Lemke, an editorial assistant at the White Wall Review. “I had a lot of fun assembling the journal from all the individual contributions. Deciding the order of the pieces was a creative process, and one that I hope will show in the final product.”

Submissions to the White Wall Review are collected electronically throughout the year, with final considerations taking place in May. All writers are encouraged to submit their work.

The launch of the White Wall Review will take place at on October 8th, 2015, and will feature WWR contributors Samantha Bernstein, Persis Karim, and more. Details to come!

About the White Wall Review

The White Wall Review is a literary journal published annually by the English department at Ryerson University through the generous funding of Oakham House. The journal, composed of submissions from distinguished writers across North America, is compiled over the summer by professors and students. Each issue showcases a diverse array of poetry, prose, short fiction, and visual art collected from artists in the Ryerson community and beyond.